Filler(Lip's, Cheeks, Chin & Marionette lines)

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Enhancing Your Lips with Dermal Fillers

Skilled artistry combined with expertise for balanced, beautiful lips. Lip Fillers enhance volume and definition, accentuating natural beauty and boosting confidence.


🤍 Adds volume and definition

🤍 Highlights natural lip features like the Cupid’s Bow

🤍 Restores lost volume due to aging

🤍 Softens fine lines and irregularities

Our practitioners ensure symmetrical, shapely, voluminous lips for a complete transformation. Results last around 6 months and improve with subsequent sessions. Hyaluronic Acid, a safe component in our products, binds with water naturally.
We use only CE-approved products for your safety. Achieve naturally luscious lips with our professional Lip Filler treatments.

Our practitioners masterfully administer fillers, offering subtle skin smoothing and contouring. Customised placement rejuvenates facial features, achieving your aesthetic goals. A personalised plan will be created after a thorough assessment.

🤍 Cheek Augmentation: Enhances contours and volume – rejuvenating cheekbones for youthfulness. A Non-surgical procedure that uses precise filler injections.

🤍 Chin Augmentation: Reshapes facial profile, addressing weak chins or profile imbalances for remarkable changes.

🤍 Marionette Lines: Combat aging with filler injections to reverse downturned appearance, achieving a youthful smile.

Experience transformative results through precise filler techniques tailored to your preferences.

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Administering Facial Fillers is considered an art form by our skilled practitioners. These products offer subtle smoothing, softening, and contouring of the skin and allow for bespoke placement to create or restore youthful facial contours, accentuating features to achieve your desired aesthetic goals.

Before treatment, a comprehensive full facial assessment will be conducted and a customised treatment plan will be crafted to attain your desired outcomes.

Cheek Augmentation is a highly sought-after aesthetic procedure that enhances cheek contours, restores lost volume in the ‘apples’ of the cheeks or highlight natural angles. Volumised cheekbones contribute to a youthful and healthy appearance. Our Non-Surgical Cheek Augmentation involves using dermal filler, which is carefully injected. The goal is to achieve beautifully contoured and reshaped cheeks.

Chin Augmentation is a straightforward aesthetic procedure that can create remarkable changes to the facial profile and shape. It is often used to enhance a weak chin or jawline, smooth out dips or dents, or feminise a square or short chin. Before treatment, we will discuss your desired outcome to help achieve your preferred look.

Marionette Lines are long vertical lines that often develop on each side of the chin as part of the ageing process and can contribute to a look of sadness on the face. By injecting dermal filler into the Marionette Folds, the goal is to reverse the appearance of a downturned face and achieve a happier, more youthful smile.

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