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Welcome to The Elegance Clinic. 

A little about me:

Hello! My name is Lorraine – I am the owner of The Elegance Clinic. 

I first became interested in Aesthetics when my mum (a breast cancer survivor) had some aesthetic procedures to reduce
wrinkles and other anti-aging treatments. After needing a mastectomy with no ability of reconstruction, her self-esteem was
understandably low. The clinic my mum visited helped her to feel more confident with how her face appeared and
really supported my mum to come to terms with her new body and self-image. I decided then that I too would like to help
people feel happy & confident with themselves and become part of someone’s story.

I am a fully trained practitioner, holding a Level 4 graduate qualification in Facial Anatomy and Physiology, along with comprehensive training in all treatment areas offered.  My training was completed in a reputable clinical academy, adhering to high-level CQC standards.

My services are based in Welwyn Garden City where I operate a fully insured, professional and welcoming home clinic.

I use a fully compliant software system to ensure your data is fully protected and all procedures are carried out with the highest precision and adherence to UK laws.  At The Elegance Clinic, I favour market-leading products known to deliver exceptional results.

My background in IT product management and quality assurance means I have had the opportunity to explore various industries, including health and eyecare sectors. My experience of assisting businesses to optimise their productivity has helped me to create The Elegance Clinic from the ground up, ensuring that every client receives a tailored experience offering both comfort and satisfaction.  

Rest assured, your well-being and safety remain my top priority.

I am dedicated to ensuring that you achieve your desired aesthetic goals with confidence, whether you are interested in wrinkle-relaxing injections, dermal fillers, or other rejuvenating treatments.

I look forward to welcoming you to my clinic and delivering the best care possible.



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